Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Geographical Inspiration

Hey y'all, I'm one of those girls that refuses to apologize for having a life. Though I missed creating and writing, I know for sure that I spent my time how I should have last week. I think constantly about what the next blog topic will be and usually devote most of a day to the process when I post. It's easy for me to get sucked in and ignore the big picture things, so last week, I forced myself to be responsible to live IN THE MOMENT and spend time with my family while it was available.  I'm often not well, physically, so taking care of myself and them is paramount. Everything else comes second.

Last week was a challenge. I was all set to do a major design project + photography today and God laughed at me. Last night, my BRAND NEW CROCKPOT was happily cooking a roast and veggies. Just as it was finishing, the lid shattered.  [I am so glad I registered that warranty right after I bought it. I need to investigate if the lid can be replaced under warranty or if I need to find a new one on my own.] Due to this seemingly small setback, my entire week's menu & groceries were derailed. Anyhow... those were some of the reasons I didn't post.

For your viewing pleasure today, I shall show you some of my favorite places via my very own photography. Enjoy!
Washington D.C. during the Cherry Blossom Festival

It's such a beautiful place right in the middle of such a beautiful and important city.

This was taken by my friend on her fancy camera. The Monumental cherry trees. {The Washington Monument is behind there!}
Another fancy camera detail shot by my friend.
Hard to believe this was taken on a Blackberry!

The U.S. Capitol
I have always been highly attracted to columns and old world architecture. D.C. has superb examples.
The Annapolis Bay Bridge is one of the most beautiful places I remember. And these kids are the most beautiful in my world.

Barnes & Noble + Hard Rock Cafe = Baltimore Inner Harbor

One of the most beautiful city scapes in Maryland is the Inner Harbor.

This is the National Aquarium on the Inner Harbor. Lovely, isn't it?
We wish you a lovely week. Please, please, please know how valued you are in the world.


Vicki M. said...

I read a post the other day from somebody about how their glass crock pot lid did the same exact thing. Now I'm afraid to use mine!!

Lovely pics!

pkapski said...

Gorgeous pics!
I use my glass top crockpot all the time. First I've heard of the top shattering!

Domestic Empress by Design said...

Thanks, ladies.

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