Thursday, April 30, 2020

My Design Influences

Before Martha Stewart was on television regularly, Lynette Jennings was the authority on architecture, interior design, landscape design, and fine art. In my world, she still is. Before HGTV existed, Lynette was teaching her craft on The Discovery Channel.

I began to realize how exciting design was as a young stay-at-home mom. I chose to do what I could to be the best parent I could be and at times, that meant staying home. Sometimes, it meant working as a single mom. Now, I have three adult kids and one in junior high/middle school. As time and cash flow has allowed, I have challenged my design knowledge with projects. In the last 26 years, I have learned some things about painting interiors, wallpapering, tiling, space planning, traffic flow, scale, fabric mixing, furniture styles, textural layers, color schemes, and most importantly, failures in each of these.

I'm at an important juncture in my life. I've finished my first full-time year in design school. Here are the culmination of some things I've learned in the last several months. I plan on sharing part of the journey with those who read.

I have learned what my style is, and how to listen to someone else and give them their own style with a twist. Designing for other people is not just about my preference. It is predominantly about their own.

There is a philosophy that function is more important than form. Depending on your need structure, that may be true. In my world, both are essential. What good is a pretty kitchen if it is too small or unable to perform in the way you use it? 

There must be a balance for design to work properly.

Know that I wish you well on your journeys as I'm focusing on mine. 

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