Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Inaugural Thoughts

A few years ago, [and by a few, I mean 14] I developed an idea for designing products and providing design services, ultimately to franchise out.  It's a brilliant idea. I won't divulge it all here, but suffice it to say that life got in the way and I never completely sold myself on the idea.

I got an autoimmune disease and was distracted for a bit. I had some personal difficulties and decided it wasn't the right time. Over the next six months, I will test the blog-o-sphere world that is still booming and see how things go.

I'm as excited today as I was 14 years ago when the first seedling of inspiration was given to me. Today, I can see a path to succeeding in this business project of mine. Today, I'm convinced that wonderful things can happen because of this thing that began as a tiny idea.

Here are a few inspiring images that sort of define Domestic Empress style. Enjoy!

There's the grand:
Garden Gate at Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
Townhome in Amsterdam

Cathedrale Saint Sauveur d'Aix Aix-en-Provence
Chambord Castle, Paris

Amsterdam architecture

Fontevraud Abbey, France
Tarascon Castle, Provence, France

 There's the humble barn and farm:

...and then there are words that can inspire and also BE art itself.  Let's do something creative today, shall we?


Unknown said...

You hooked me with the images of Amsterdam, my birthplace and the place I dream of returning to. I found your blog from your comment on the Brave Girl's Club.

I have a blog at www.desiree-at-play.blogspot.com though I've taken a really long break.

Good luck with your business, I'll be following along!!!

Domestic Empress by Design said...

Thank you, Desiree. =) My husband and I were able to see Amsterdam a few years ago and we loved it so much, we want to go again! I'm so glad you're following!

Robin said...

Beautiful blog and amazing pictures...okay I am ready to travel :)

Domestic Empress by Design said...

Thank you, Rasz. =)

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